The lecture The Elements of Musicality with an accompanying masterclass for all levels and instrumentation is based on the performance and teaching traditions of the great woodwind masters of the Philadelphia Orchestra from the Golden Era under the baton of Leopold Stokowski.

Based on Herbine's studies with William Kincaid's students John C. Krell (piccolo soloist, Philadelphia Orchestra), Deborah Carter Smith (flute soloist and chamber musician) and Frank Versaci (favorite flute accompanist of soprano Lily Pons and pianist Frank LaForge) along with Krell's compilation of notes taken from his studies with early twentieth century Philadelphia Orchestra principal flutist, William Kincaid, and principal oboist Marcel Tabuteau.

The notes taken by Krell were made into a book, Kincaidiana, and is a highly recommended element for understanding and creating a musical performance. It is published by the National Flute Association and available at their online store.

Herbine's orginal lecture material from 2003,  “William Kincaid and Marcel Tabuteau: A Legendary Collaboration.”, is printed in the Winter 2006 edition of the Flutist Quarterly, pp.46-51

The current Elements of Musicality lecture includes information gleaned from interviews with once Tabuteau students Louis Rosenblatt (english horn emeritus, Philadelphia Orchestra) and John Mack (famous past principal oboe, Cleveland Symphony) and Kincaid student Donald Peck (principal flute emeritus, Chicago Symphony). These interviews were held for a follow up article to the lecture for Flute Talk magazine, “The Phrasing Styles of Kincaid and Tabuteau,” November 2005. 


From the last surviving student of master oboist Marcel Tabuteau who was also a colleague of Tabuteau in the Philadelphia Orchestra, oboist and english horn master Louis Rosenblatt

August 18, 2003
Dear Mrs. Herbine,
Thanks for sending these (2003 lecture) notes. I think they are a splendid explanation, not only of musical
ideas of Kincaid and Tabuteau and their students, but of musical expression in general. We were lucky to be part of this wonderful era of music performance and teaching. If there is a recording of your lecture it should transcribed and printed in the flute journal.

All best wishes,
Louis Rosenblatt

Herbine's notes were eventually transcribed in the Flutist Quarterly. This is an email she received from flutist Robert Cole, the last surviving student of William Kincaid who was also a colleague of his in the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

February 25, 2006 Dear Lois Herbine,

I just finished reading your article and have to say that you have put forward the concepts presented by Kincaid and Tabuteau as well as they could be in a short presentation. I had expected to find fault but have none to offer. I had the good fortune to study and to work with both of these men, and also John Krell.

Robert F. Cole Flutist, Curtis Institute 1941-42. 1946-49, Phila Orch. 1949-62, University of Wisconsin 1962-88

Presented at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the Southeast Michigan Flute Association, the International Piccolo Symposium, Temple University, Baylor, the 2003 National Flute Association Convention (Las Vegas, NV), the 2010 National Flute Association Convention (Anaheim, CA), University of North Texas, Denton, Texas Woman's University, Texas Flute Society, Houston Flute Club, University of Houston, Moores School of Music and the University of South Dakota.

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